Making protamine sulfate plates:

  1. Make 1% protamine sulfate solution (1 g/100 ml H2O). Stir while heating to dissolve; cool ’til room temp. Roughly 100ml will make 80 plates easily, leaving  60-80ml of reusable protamine sulfate solution.
  2. Lay out plates (we generally use tops from 60x15mm petri dishes) on bench in rows:  8 rows, x10 or so plates in each row.
  3. Pour enough solution into the first plate in each row to cover the bottom of the plate. If you don’t have enough to cover the entire bottom, make sure the part where the eggs will sit (i.e. the center) is covered. Roughly 10ml will cover a plate.
  4. Let sit for 1min.
  5. Pour solution from one plate into next in the the row. Immerse done plate in swirling deionized water for 5-30 min. Repeat.
  6. Dry plates for  1-3 hrs on bench. Store in covered bin to prevent dust contamination.